Book Review: Hope Quest (Book 1): Blackbird by Melanie Ever Moore.

Firstly, this book was not what I had first expected, and I mean this in the best possible way. I like to be surprised as I make my way through a book, and this beautifully written tale is certainly in no short supply of surprises. I was utterly gripped by the darkness of the story. I was captivated by the well thought out and interesting characters. I was enthralled by Hope and her power to wield the stars.

Secondly, on a more personal level, this book and its characters made me reflect so much on my younger years. The long black hair. The band shirts. The gigs. The loud and heavy music. (Yes, I was a metal head. Please… feel free to imagine how I looked in those days.) They were fun times. This may seem like a bit of a tangent, so allow me to get to my point; Melanie does very well to describe the scenes and settings that I am very familiar with. It was nostalgic for me. It was almost like I was back there, probably seen diving into a mosh pit somewhere.   

Within the story is woven a few disturbing subjects. You have been warned, but believe me when I say, they are masterfully placed and impactful to the plot. They made me pay close attention to each character. They made me feel involved in their backstory. These plotlines were not placed for simple shock factor, as I find many authors doing. It was darkness, with purpose.

Hope Quest: Blackbird is stylish, darkly-elegant and beautifully delivered, and for this I give it 5/5. I can’t wait to get stuck into book 2!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Published by

Lee A. Vockins

Lee is a poet and author from the small town of Newbury in Berkshire, England. His preferred genre is cosmic horror, but he writes and reads across a wide range of material. He is strong mental health advocate, PTSD survivor and fundraiser for Mind – a charity close to his heart. In his younger years, he could often be found with a guitar in his hands or diving into a mosh pit, but nowadays he prefers to wield a pen or read. He has an avid interest in philosophy, psychology and technology. When not reading or writing, Lee enjoys long hikes across the countryside, stargazing, music and the simpler things in life.

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