Poetry: Forsaken Reunion.

In the dark of night

lonely creatures stir

rising from forsaken graves

abandoned after death

to awaken with a sense of longing

their hungry beings seek to reunite

skeletal hands find

those of their decomposing lover

caressing once plump faces

now gaunt

lips still part

for only each other

that end in a kiss

unlocking memories that haunt

craving the cold

of undeath

to become

one in warm embrace

they retrace

each other’s scars

and bite marks

upon decaying flesh

a reunion of souls

now awakens

still hearts

a crimson beat restarts

flowing through the vein

and they feel once again

remembering a life

long lived

before they became absent

of all pain

no matter what strife

did befall them

their connection stayed

forever constant

their affections proved to be true

for what love

could remain

so immortal

that even the reaper

and his scythe

could not separate or undo

This piece was a collaboration between myself and the incredibly talented R. Petrus.
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Poetry: Beyond Words by Lee A. Vockins and R. Petrus.

They would look upon each other through a barrier of every conceivable reality. At the slightest touch, the veil was a collision of colour, shimmering with the very essence of infinity. It was an indestructible impossibility, but there it was – an obstacle between them and fate. As sure as the moon would grace the sky, the barrier would temporarily thin, like a window opening between existences that gave the two lonely souls a moment to connect. They were worlds too far apart to touch or speak, only able to see and communicate through a means of pen and paper.
It was in the same room, in a different reality, that they would spend an eternity falling through words and poetry.

Your words written and whispered
To the wind
Found my unsuspecting heart’s ears
And now I’m undone,
My defences thinned

Never seeing such beauty
Till that of your mind’s ink
Spilt over these pages,
Upon reading,
our souls did link

Knowing on a level so deep
It’s as if we’ve always been
And always were
Distance matters not
With you is where I begin

Time and space could never disguise
Your energy, my love
I’d sense it across the universe
Blocked by nary an obstacle
you may speak of

So leap from the daunting edge
of tomorrow with me
And float in the vast sea of eternity
Past the silvery moons
And vibrant stars where our spirits could be free

That’s what my soul
Calls out to yours
If only past this veil we’ll fly away
Hand in hand traveling in tranquillity
To far off galactic shores

Now ruined to any other’s embrace
Forevermore I’ll believe we are destiny
Hope will never leave
Till we are joined in joy so heavenly

These words are for you

as I fall through infinity

but you’re far from my touch

in this technicolour reality

Between the azure

of our divide

I promise, my love   

our destinies will collide

Unmake me

and shatter the barrier to shards

we will find a world that we could make ours

Beneath the skies of endless divinity

with you, my one

I will find eternity Β 

Rebuild me

and I’ll defy this twisted deity

for what cruel weaver of fate

would have you so far

Create from this chaos an alternate alkaline

because I’m beyond a means to define

the way I’m lost in your design

and how it flawlessly connects with mine

I feel like I could ebb and flow in this forever

finding in verse new ways to convey

we belong together

So I’ll stop time

and quantify

a means for our souls to intertwine

if only for a moment

to simply say

I love you.

Beyond Words


Lee A. Vockins


R. Petrus

Huge thank you to R. Petrus for working with me on this project.

You can find more of her work at:

R Petrus πŸ“š (@a_petrox_writes) β€’ Instagram photos and videos

Poetry: Not Broken.

The war

in my mind

is just a reminder of why I fight

My enemies barely

brought me to my knees

Although bleeding

I was never broken

They couldn’t break me

They only shattered the fragile

shell of this

towering titan

On the cold ground I was reborn

a man


from his lonely reality

Although bleeding

I was only awoken.

It’s been three years now since I finished therapy for PTSD. I always remember because it’s close to my birthday. I’m always easily overwhelmed with emotion around this time of year, and tend to retreat within my writing. And thus, this piece of poetry was born.

But I think I was meant to go through everything I did, just so I could be the person I am now. I was broken, only so I could rebuild myself. It wasn’t easy… it’s never easy… but I’m here, and I will always fight.

I’m here to guide others that are struggling. I want to show people that there is hope. No matter how dark the world seems right now, in this moment, there is always hope.

#warrior #PTSD #NotBroken