Poetry: The Rose And The Thorn.

In your eyes

I see nothing

but the everything

we could be

In your heart

I reside

in the part

you can’t hide


you are

the beauty

the rose and the thorn

and I am the beast

a creature given form.

#Beauty #Beast #RoseandThorn

Poetry: Recovery of Existence.

I want to shatter into a thousand shards,

just so I can see it all.

I want my roots to bury themselves,


into the mud,

just so I can feel everything… or something.

I want for escape,

to breathe the clean and cold air.

I want for absence,


without care.  

Something is calling,

but I am yet to discover,

the reason why

this soul will not recover.

#Poetry #Existence #Soul #Me

What I’m reading!

That’s my reading sorted for the next couple of months!

I’m beginning to write books reviews for here (and other platforms), first of which, as I have just finished it, is Happy by Derren Brown. Keep an eye out for the review on Sunday!

I plan on growing my collection of fiction by indie authors, check out the first of which here; we have SpaceEra 1 & 2 by Laura Hopegood (@nebowska_) and Hope Quest 1 & 2 by melanie ever moore (@realign.my.stars). Go show them some love on Instagram. Reviews will be coming soon!

Wish to recommend me a book? Have a self-published novel you’d like me to review? Drop me message or contact me on authorleea@outlook.com.


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